Bridge Overlays and Retrofits

Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay

With over 200 bridges completed with Polyester Concrete throughout the United States, Myers and Sons Construction is the preeminent contractor when it comes to placing Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay’s. Having bid and completed work from Alaska to New York, and on an international basis, Myers and Sons has the experience to meet the needs of any Polyester Concrete Specification and the essential timeframes of the Owner or General Contractor. The Polyester Concrete Material, supplied by Kwik Bond Polymers, is a long term way to enhance the life of the bridge deck for over 30 years without the need of rehabilitation or replacement. With a cure time of approximately 2 hours, Myers and Sons has the ability to allow traffic to return much sooner than most types of other overlays. Utilizing this state of the art material, Myers and Sons is confident it can deliver a one of a kind product on any bridge deck.

Other Bridge Deck Overlays

Myers and Sons specializes in several different types of overlays on bridge decks including Methacrylate Sealers, Multi-Layer Polymer, Multi-Layer Epoxy, and High Friction Surface Treatments. Each type of overlay has a unique way to protect the bridge deck and internal rebar from corrosion and other long term damage.

Bridge Retrofits

Myers and Sons does extensive work with bridge retrofit projects comprised of several different types of work in an effort to bring the bridge up to current seismic and safety standards. This work helps extend the lifespan of the structure and can include repairing and replacing joint seal assemblies, replacing or adding bearing pads, replacing restrainer cables, adding shear keys, expanding and reinforcing existing foundations, repairing and wrapping concrete columns in a steel or composite shell, and upgrading barrier rails.

Highlighted Projects